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April 27 2016
business person of the year

Sakshi excellence award for Best large scale business & businessman of the year

Dr. Madhukar Gangadi - MedPlus Health Services Limited

Occupation: Doctor | Resident: Hyderabad

MedPlus is India's leading pharmacy retail chain started with a single minded focus of making healthcare delivery more customers centric. MedPlus offers a wide selection of genuine medicines, at stores conveniently located in the neighborhood, under quality storage conditions, at great prices.

When Dr. Madhukar Gangadi came across a WHO report indicating that up to 30% of the medicines sold in India could be fake or subpar, he decided to do something about it. He envisioned a company that would source all its medicines from reliable, big name suppliers, store medicines in optimal conditions to ensure their efficacy and take the risk out of buying medicines. Dr. Gangadi a medical doctor by training and MBA in healthcare management from Wharton School – setup his first medical store in Hyderabad after returning from the US.

He focused on generating volumes, backend efficiency and inventory management. The resultant cost savings were partly passed on to the customer. The first MedPlus pharmacy store opened in February 2006 in Hyderabad. Today, MedPlus is one of India's leading pharmacy chain with over 1050 pharmacies throughout India serving over 1,50,000 customers daily.

Medplus lab is a quality laboratory with state of art testing equipment and technology. It offers convenience of home sample pickup and report delivery at low cost.

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