MedPlus Wallet


  • Savings of 20-60% on prescription medicines
  • Exclusive discount of upto 50% on general products
  • Exclusive access to products in Flexi Catalogue
  • Fast & secure payment process

How it works

  • Visit any MedPlus Outlet
  • Register for MedPlusWallet by one time KYC
  • Load the Wallet in increments of Rs 1000
  • *Min amount for 1st wallet load is Rs 3000
  • Start enjoying wallet benefits
  • Use FlexiCash to avail products in Flexi catalogue at heavy discounts
  • Make payments securely using OTP validation

Terms & Conditions Apply


  • Entire wallet amount can be used to purchase prescription medicines at minimum 20% off.
  • However, every time you load your wallet 20% amount is designated as Flexi Cash.
  • Flexi Cash allows you to purchase products in flexi catalogue at deep discounts, resulting in savings of upto 60%.
3 Pc Kadhai set
  • Load your MedPlus Wallet by Rs 6000
  • Get a 3 Pc Kadhai set worth Rs 2500 with 1200 flexi cash
  • Buy prescription medicines at 20% discount (MRP of Rs 6000) with remaining wallet balance of Rs 4800
  • Resulting in savings of Rs 2500 on purchase of Rs 6000
24 Inch Trolley
  • Load your MedPlus Wallet by Rs 9000
  • Get a 24" Trolley suitcase worth Rs5500 with 1800 flexi cash
  • Buy prescription medicines at 20% discount (MRP of Rs 9000) with remaining wallet balance of Rs 7200
  • Resulting in savings of Rs 5500 on purchase of Rs 9000
Bath Towel
  • Load your MedPlus Wallet by Rs 4000
  • Get a set of 2 premium Bath Towels worth Rs 2398 with 800 flexi cash
  • Buy prescription medicines at 20% discount (MRP of Rs 4000) with remaining wallet balance of Rs 3200
  • Resulting in savings of Rs 2398 on purchase of Rs 4000

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I like the benefits of MedPlus Wallet. How do I sign up?

The sign up process if fairly simple. You can visit any MedPlus store, submit your identification documents for KYC (Know Your Customer) purposes, and provide details of your Name, Mobile Number and Address. Once an account is created, load up your wallet with a minimum of Rs.3000/- by cash or credit/debit card payment. You can start using the wallet account for payments immediately at any MedPlus store by providing the OTP that is sent to your registered mobile number for every transaction.

2. What documents are accepted for KYC?

A. For Address Proof, any one of these documents will be accepted: Aadhar Card / Voter ID Card / Passport / Driving License / Ration Card / Gas Bill / Water Bill / Electricity Bill.

B. For Photo ID Proof, any of these documents will be accepted: PAN Card / Driving License / Aadhar Card / Voter ID card / Passport.

Either the original or a clear legible photo copy is required for this purpose. Our employees may scan or take a picture and upload to our central database for approval of KYC. In certain instances, a copy may be requested when immediate access to a scanner or a camera is unavailable.

3. How can I load money into the wallet? What is the minimum & maximum allowed?

You can fund your MedPlus Wallet account using Card (Credit/Debit) or Cash payment at any MedPus store by providing your registered mobile number to the store employee.

When the current wallet balance is zero (This will be the case when you sign up initially or when you use up the entire available balance amount for any transaction), the minimum amount you can load is Rs.3000/-

When you load a wallet when there is an existing balance in the account, however minimum (Not less than a Rupee), you can load a minimum of Rs.1000/- and in increments thereof

The maximum wallet account balance at any time cannot exceed Rs.20000/- (Ordinary Cash + Flexicash Combined)

4. What is Flexicash & how do I earn Flexicash?

Every time you load or top up your wallet, 20% (Twenty%) of the amount will be designated as Flexicash (FC$) and the rest of the balance is designated as ordinary cash (OC$). You can also earn FC$ as cash back on purchase of certain items in the store.

FC$ allows you to purchase products from the the FlexiCatalogue (An assortment of high quality household, electronic and daily use products) at heavy discount to the MRP (30-60%). You can use OC$ for purchasing these items, however you will not be able to do so at the discounted prices.

Flexicash allows you, as a customer, to save much much more on your purcahses at MedPlus by trading your regualar cash discount for FlexiCatalogue products that are worth a lot more. With FC$, you will be able to save up to 60% on your medicine purchases at MedPlus.

5. Can you give me an example of a Flexicash transaction?

Assume you load your MedPlus Wallet with Rs.9000/-, then you will have a balance of Rs.1800/- Flexicash and Rs.7200/- Ordinary Cash.

Rs.1800/- Flexicash will allow you to purchase a 24" trolley suitcase worth Rs.5500/-. If you pay cash or use ordinary cash for this purchase, it will cost you Rs.5225/- (a 5% discount on MRP).

With Flexicash, you are able to buy Rs.14500/- MRP worth of products (Rs.9000/- medicines + Rs.5500/- trolley suitcase) for Rs.9000/- only, essentially getting the suitcase free. In the absence of Flexicash benefit it will cost you Rs.12425/- (Rs.7200/- medicines after 20% discount + Rs.5225/- for trolley suitcase after 5% discount) for the same items.

6. Can Flexicash be used to purchase medicines?

Yes, Flexicash can be used as ordinary cash for any purchase at MedPlus but ordinary cash cannot be used as Flexicash. For an ordinary purchase (Non FlexiCatalogue product) one rupee of Flexicash is equal to one rupee of the ordinary cash.

7. How do I track my Flexicash balance?

Flexicash balance will be tracked separately in your wallet account. You will get a message everytime Flexicash is earned or used. You may check your balance at any MedPlus store as well.

When you purchase a product from the FlexiCatalogue, and use your wallet account, the system will automatically deduct your Flexicash balance for the transaction. For ordinary purchases, the system will first automatically debit the ordinary wallet cash available. In case where the ordinary cash balance is not sufficient for the transaction, you will be prompted to allow the usage of either Flexicash to complete the transaction or to top-up the wallet with more cash.

The choice of how you use your Flexicash is completely upto you.

8. I am a member of the FlexiRewards/ValuePlus programme and have points I have earned previously. Can I combine Flexicash and points for redeeming products from FlexiCatalogue?

No. These are 2 separate schemes and they cannot be combined. The points scheme will continue to exist as it is currently. MedPlus Wallet comes with a lot of additional benefits that are not otherwise part of the FlexiRewards programme. So we intend to keep these schemes separately for the foreseeable future to be fair to everyone and allow everyone to participate equally.

9. Is there a time limit to the usage of money loaded in MedPlus Wallet?

Yes, the money loaded into the MedPlus Wallet should be used in its entirety within one year from the date of credit. The remaining balance after this one year, will automatically be transferred to an escrow account for safekeeping and will not be available for any transactions.

10. What happens if I return an item purchased using my MedPlus Wallet?

For all the wallet transactions, the net amount of return will always be credited back into your wallet as ordinary wallet cash. The amount cannot be paid out as cash or using any other payment mode.

However, products purchased with Flexicash cannot be returned or exchanged unless there is prior damage or manufacturer's defect at the time of purchase.

11. Can money in MedPlus Wallet be refunded or transferred to a different account?

No, once the money is added to the wallet, it cannot be refunded in the form of cash. The entire wallet balance has to be used for purchases only. Transfers to other wallets is also not allowed.

12. How do I know my Wallet is secure and how do I keep track of the balance available?

For every wallet transaction, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. This OTP should be entered by the store employee to complete the billing process & only then the amount would be credited / debited, to / from the wallet.

You will also receive an SMS update or notification for every wallet transaction with details of the transaction and the available balance. Alternatively, you can also check your balance at any MedPlus store or by contacting our call centre (040-6700 6700).

Once online account is enabled, you will also be able to see all the transactions and the balance available online at or in the MedPlus Mart app.

13. Can I use my wallet at any non MedPlus store?

No. Since this is a closed wallet, you can use it for all transactions at any company owned MedPlus store only. It will shortly be enabled for online transactions at and MedPlus App as well.

14. Can I pay for a transaction partly using the Wallet balance and combine it with another payment mode?

Yes, if you do not have sufficient Wallet balance to pay for the transaction, you may pay the remaining balance amount in Cash or through Card. However, in this case, your Wallet balance will become zero and you will have to load your wallet with a minimum load of Rs. 3000/- the next time you want to use it.

This also means that if you choose to use your Wallet balance for paying for a transaction, you cannot combine it with another payment mode if there is sufficient amount available in the wallet to pay for the entire transaction. This includes any available Flexicash as well.

A more convenient alternative would be to load your wallet prior to the transaction in any installment(s) of Rs. 1000/- in order to retain some balance even after your transaction.

15. What if I want to purchase more than 20,000 in a day?

You could combine wallet payment with another payment mode as above.

16. Can I change the registered mobile number of my MedPlus Wallet account?

Yes. You may call our customer care (040-6700 6700) for the number change. Upon verifying your identity, our care representative will enable the change using an OTP confirmation.

17. Can another member of my family use my MedPlus Wallet?

Yes. As long as they have access to the OTP sent to the registered mobile number, any family member can successfully make a purchase.

18. How do I receive information about the Wallet offers & promotions?

Unless you specifically opt out of our communication updates by informing our customer care, we will send you periodic communications about the offers available through email /WhatsApp/ SMS/ or other forms of notifications.

19. What is the customer care number?

040-6700 6700