Photo of Mr. Gangadi Madhukar Reddy

Mr. Gangadi Madhukar Reddy

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Mr. Cherukupalli Bhaskar Reddy

Mr. Cherukupalli Bhaskar Reddy

Chief Operating Officer - Outlet Operations

Photo of Mr.Surendranath Mantena

Mr.Surendranath Mantena

Chief Operating Officer, MedPlus Mart

Photo of Lakshman Kandarpa

Mr. Lakshman Kandarpa

Chief Retail Officer

Photo of Mr. Venugopal Siripuram

Mr. Venugopal Siripuram

Chief Technology Officer

Photo of Mr. Chetan Dikshit

Mr. Chetan Dikshit

Chief Strategy Officer

Photo of Mr. Kandasamy

Mr. Kandasamy

Head of Supply Chain