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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate in the FlexiRewards Program?

FlexiRewards is an industry best rewards program offered by MedPlus to enable its customers to save up to 35% on their medicine purchases. The program offers the flexibility to choose either a direct cash reward or to extend the savings by choosing household products. The choice of items available as gifts are continuously updated, so that you can obtain all items you use on a daily basis and other important household items by participating in the program.

Why should I opt for FlexiRewards points instead of a cash discount?

When customers shop at a MedPlus store, they have the option of either taking a cash discount or equivalent FlexiRewards points. However, the amount of saving is usually double or higher when points are exchanged for gift items. For Instance, if you spend Rs. 500 towards your medicine purchase, you can obtain a cash back of Rs. 50 (A 10% Saving). However if you choose points instead, you will receive 50 FlexiRewards points, which you can exchange for a Household item worth Rs.100 or more (A 20% Saving) or a ValuePlus item worth Rs. 125 or more (A 25% Saving)

How much are the FlexiRewards points worth?

The FlexiRewards points awarded for any transaction are equivalent to the cash discount offered. For example; a Rs.500 purchase of medicines will earn 50 FlexiRewards points. So the points have a face value of Rs.1 per point. However, since you can exchange the points for products which are twice the cost or more, you can save significantly more when compared to a direct cash discount.

Do I have to use my points immediately?

No. FlexiRewards points are valid for 2 (two) years from the date of issue. When redeeming points for gifts, they are deducted from your account on a FIFO basis. Meaning, the points with the earliest expiry date are deducted first.

How can I check my points balance?

You can check your points balance by visiting any MedPlus store and asking the store assistant for the details or calling our customer care at 040 6700 6700.

Alternatively you can check your balance and manage your account online at To do this, sign up for an online account at, and enter your registered phone number as your contact number. Once verified, you will be able to merge your FlexiRewards account with your online account. Subsequently, go to the My Account section to edit and monitor your details.